Servants Heart Street Outreach
Help by volunteering and/or donating sleeping bags 35 degrees & below, one-man tents.

Help us to inspire and encourage meaningful change.
We provide food, needed items, mentoring, emergency/temporary shelter, information, referrals to assisted programs, encouragement, and support through our mobile street outreach team.

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Independent Advocacy

is a way to help people have a stronger voice and to have as much control as possible over their own lives.

The role of an independent advocate is to support and represent the person.

The purpose of independent advocacy is to: Assist and support clent to speak out/speak up for themselves. Ensure that a Client's voice is heard and listened to. Assist clients to achieve their goals and/or to access the services they need. Safeguarding clients who are vulnerable and discriminated against or whom services find difficult to serve. Empowering clients who need a stronger voice by enabling them to express their own needs and make their own decisions.

For more information contact us.

Outreach Services

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    Assistance with paperwork for:
    Food Stamps
    Food Bank
    Grocery gift card
    Gas gift card
    Dog/Cat Food
    Motel Night/El Palamino (Ft. Collins)
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    Set up appointment
    Learn more about St Outreach
    Pick up a gift card
    Non-Perishable food bag
    Bottle of Water
    Cup of coffee
    Bible Study

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    Birthday Closet
    Call in advance to arrange a birthday gift pick-up for your child.
    Ages 1 to 18

    Homelessness impacts all of us, whether or not we experience it ourselves.

Additional Information

Homeless Shelters

  • Catholic Charities: 970-484-5010
  • Murphy’s Center: 970-494-9940
  • Ft. Collins Rescue Mission: 970-224-4302
  • Faith Family Hospitality, FC: 970-484-3342

Other Local Resources

  • Disabled Resources: 970-482-2700
  • Colorado Legal Services: 970-493-2891
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Help us to inspire and encourage meaningful change.
The Servant’s Heart, Corp. in Fort Collins, Colorado highly appreciates any form of help toward our cause. Making a donation, no matter how small, will make a great difference in someone else’s life. It is through your help that we can continue our mission and help the less fortunate in our community transcend their circumstances. To make a cash donation, kindly click the button below.