Schwindt Place

On September 17, 2021, The Servant's Heart, Corp closed on a 4-plex apartment building. On Saturday we moved in the tenants. This will become home for 6 homeless and one apartment will be used for Transitional housing.

Help houses the Homeless

Independent Advocacy

is a way to help people have a stronger
voice and to have as much control as possible over their own lives.

The role of an independent advocate is to support and represent the person.

The purpose of independent advocacy is to: Assist and support clent to speak out/speak up for themselves. Ensure that a Client's voice is heard and listened to. Assist clients to achieve their goals and/or to access the services they need. Safeguarding clients who are vulnerable and discriminated against or whom services find difficult to serve. Empowering clients who need a stronger voice by enabling them to express their own needs and make their own decisions.

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