Upcoming events

The Servant’s Heart, Corp. in Fort Collins, Colorado will be holding events with the goal of strengthening the community. 

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    Eastern North Carolina BBQ with Gospel music Fundraiser coming in August 17th, 2019

    Everyone is welcome to join us for a classic revival of hope! Please stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, you can still help by going to the donation page and making a contribution from the heart. Thank you in advance for supporting our cause.


Help us to inspire and encourage meaningful change. The Servant’s Heart, Corp. in Fort Collins, Colorado highly appreciates any form of help toward our cause. Making a donation, no matter how small, will make a great difference in someone else’s life. It is through your help that we can continue our mission and help the less fortunate in our community transcend their circumstances. To make a cash donation, kindly click the button below.